In-House & Online Pharmacy

Our in-house pharmacy carries a vast selection of medications and dietary supplements, so you can start any necessary treatments as soon as your pet’s appointment is done!

Online Pharmacy

In our online, home-delivery pharmacy, we give customers even more options. It’s simple to log in and request the medications recommended by your veterinarian. Our office will approve the request generally within 24-48 hours. You can also set up an auto-ship so you never run out of your pet’s medication; it will be delivered right to your house.

Our online pharmacy is just one of the many ways we can fulfill our commitment to offering our customers and their pets the best goods and services. If you have any questions regarding the products we offer or would like to place an order at MyVetStore or feel free to contact us for more information.

Pet Prescription Foods

All species’ nutritional requirements differ depending on various elements, such as age, breed, and health. Older pets, for instance, require different nutrition than puppies or kittens, and animals with conditions like diabetes, kidney illness, and others may benefit from particular diets.

Making informed choices about your pet’s food is something our doctors can help you with. We can provide you with advice on what foods to give your pet based on their needs, how much to give them, and even how to read pet food labels. We can even create a dietary plan for your pet and assist owners in helping overweight animals shed pounds. Many of these foods are carried in our clinic or can be ordered from MyVetStore Online and delivered directly to your house. Have a question about your pet’s diet or medications? Get started by calling our team at 262-253-2255 today.

Pet Prescription Foods Service Image